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GULF WAR 2 IS STILL BEING FOUGHT.  Thousands dead, no end in sight. 08/11/2004.
A reminder to Americans that we are stuck in a bloody war with no exit strategy. USicans tend to block out any information that makes themselves feel unconfortable.

Welcome to the New American Century 2004-11-30.
This is intended to link the Project for the New American Century to USican stupidity, ugliness, and blind patriotism.

Rumsfeld, stop lying to us. 2004-12-09.
Rumsfeld claims he does all he can to protect troops. Rumsfeld claims that the war was justified. Rumsfeld claims that this was is winnable, because he thinks it must be winnable (a logical fallacy). Secretary Rumsfeld, why do you still have a job? Secretary Rumsfeld, stop lying to us.

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