Hal Canary SSL Diary 2004

2004-01-27 Tuesday
	3:30-5:30 Attended Meeting
2004-01-29 Thursday
	2:30-3:30 looked at martin's code.
	3:30-5:30 Attended Meeting
	6:00-7:00 Rewrote SSL page.
	8:00-9:00 Wrote up minutes.
	9:15-9:30 Tried to capture Jim's essence in
		a 64x64 six-color icon.  Failed.
2004-02-03 Tuesday
	12:15-1:15 Math.  Reviewing Thursdays stuff.
		Typeing up some notes on my web page
	1:15-3:15 Java Programming
	3:30-5:15 Meeting

2004-02-05 Thursday
	12:30-2:00	Workd on dyonesian.  c=2a+b.
	2:00-2:20	Talked to Jim.
		Java goals:
		1) Corona Calculation
		1) Write draft for JAva gig
		2) Animation Back in.
		3) Reset Button not needed.
		5) Weekly meeting 2pm Thurs 15 minutes.
	3:30-5:30 Attended Meeting
	7:30-8:30 corona calculation	

2004-02-06 Friday
	1:00-6:30 java: corona, cvs, reset thing.

2004-02-10 Tuesday
	4 hours SSL research.
	3:30-5:30 Attended Meeting

2004-02-12 Thursday
	2 hours Typed up Minutes
	2 hours SSL reasearch.
	3:30-5:30 Attended Meeting

2004-02-16 Week

2004-02-23 Monday
	9:30-10:00 Java Position

2004-02-23 Week
	Wrote job requirements.
	Worked on Applet.  Animation framework. ~5 hours.

	A couple of hours trying to track down that
	bug on jim's workstation.

	Several hours SSL work. Look at both Dana
		Scott and Newton's method.

2004-03-01 Monday
	an hour or so working on reading and responding
	to applications worked on newton's method for a
	while. Got nowhere.

2004-03-02 Tuesday
	Looked at dana scott for many hours.  proved
	some stuff

2004-03-03 Wednesday
	1:30-2:00 Updated web page

2004-03-04 Thursday
	1:30-2:00 Updated web page